LearnDash Review 2021 – Is LearnDash the Best LMS Plugin for WordPress?

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Table of Contents

LearnDash is a learning management system (or LMS) for WordPress. If you’re unfamiliar with an LMS, let’s get familiar with it through this article of LearnDash review. It comprises software designed to assist you in creating an online course, including user control, progress monitoring, and other features. Let’s go into what all of that entails and see if LearnDash stacks up against the competitors.

LearnDash is the most used WordPress LMS plugin on the market, owing to the fact that it is the most user-friendly LMS plugin with a plethora of features. It includes a primary drag-and-drop course creator that makes it simple to design courses with tutorials, subjects, assessments, and categories.
Once you’ve activated the plugin, you can begin creating your online course. You’ll be able to configure and extend LearnDash’s core features with other plugins to build a fully immersive online education system.
It also enables users to monetize their courses by encouraging them to create subscription portals, charge a premium fee, or create course packs to sell on the market. It provides a variety of monetization opportunities for your online classes, such as subscriptions, single payments, yearly or monthly memberships, and so on. You can accept payments through a variety of channels, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout.

Who Will Profit From LearnDash?

LearnDash is an excellent tool for colleges, other educational institutions, training centers, and websites that wish to offer onboarding training. They all can benefit from LearnDash’s comprehensive range of resources for creating courses tailored towards their students or clients.

Type of Learning Management System

LearnDash is a self-hosted LMS, which means it will be hosted on your own hosting account (such as Kinsta, Liquidweb). Since it is a WordPress LMS plugin, you must have the WordPress content management framework set on your hosting account. LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that you install.

How Much Does LearnDash Cost? (LearnDash Pricing)

LearnDash pricing varies between the three packages offered. Users will build as many courses as they want and as many participants as they wish for the most simple pack, which costs $199.
The course content remains protected, giving only the course attendees have access to the materials, and the administrator will schedule unique dates for those classes to go live, often known as ‘drip-feed lessons.’ Other features include quizzes, awards, and badges to honor pupils, email updates, and free combinations of multiple such plans.
The ‘Plus’ pack provides all of those features, but allows LearnDash support for up to ten different sites, while the standard package only allows these features to be applied to a single site. Users who buy the Plus pack also get ProPanel, which helps them to track student course performance in, real-time, control all homework and essays, and display students’ progress and quiz scores. It costs $229, which is just $30 more than the basic pack.
Finally, the ‘Pro’ version, which costs $369, is almost necessarily the same as the ‘Plus’ package but provides for up to twenty-five site licenses instead of ten.
LearnDash has a thirty-day money-back policy and renews all licenses immediately after one calendar year. Users have the option to cancel at any time.

Is it Possible to Get a Free Trial of LearnDash?

LearnDash does not have free trials, but it does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the app after a month.

Is a Membership Plugin Needed for LearnDash?

No such thing is required. LearnDash secures the course curriculum without including a subscription/membership plugin.

Will LearnDash work for my WordPress Theme?

Almost certainly! The plugin is designed to fit with most current themes, but you can contact LearnDash’s admins if you have any questions about custom themes and their availability.

What Kind of Assistance does LearnDash Provide?

To ensure a seamless configuration process, all users receive start-up tips, video demos, and help desk assistance. However, the operation is not exactly child’s play, to begin with.

Is it Possible to Get a Refund from LearnDash?

If you are dissatisfied with LearnDash within the first 30 days of purchase, you are liable for a full refund.

Building a Course with LearnDash

Assume you’ve made the decision that LearnDash is the best choice for you. After installing LearnDash, a large new LearnDash LMS portion will appear in your WordPress dashboard menu.
For beginners, creating a test site with the Astra theme is advisable, which includes LearnDash integration. If you choose a particular theme, the courses cannot seem as refined right away, unless the theme you use is coped with a dedicated LearnDash integration.
The drag-and-drop builder is by far LearnDash’s best functionality. It enables users to see the architecture of their course as they create it. This helps you to see what your courses would look like when they go live and allows you to connect them in real-time. You may also use the course builder to quickly incorporate new lessons and quizzes.
The drip-feed feature is useful for encouraging users to return to your course or for allowing them to spread out the curriculum and stop bringing it all in one day. LearnDash users can make content available after a fixed number of days or can set a release schedule for all of their content.
LearnDash’s video progression tool is a special function that enables users to seamlessly insert self-hosted or externally hosted videos into their courses. Users may automatically label a lesson or course as complete when a student completes a video, thus allowing video auto play when a user completes one.
The use of an LMS framework will help the teaching-learning process in a variety of ways. As a result, using it in the academic or corporate fields would only profit those who need it. On the other hand, it dramatically improves online connectivity among all participants in an online learning process.


In conclusion, one of the most common WordPress LMS plugins is LearnDash. Its extensive features make it an excellent option for designing fully customized courses. The only disadvantage is that inexperienced users can fail to understand all of the advanced features. Hope this article of LearnDash review has provided all the information you needed.

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