How to Monetize Blog In 2021

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Writing blogs is a great hobby to utilize your time. Writing about your daily life or the things that you are interested in, can improve your writing skills. But have you ever thought of making money from that hobby? It is actually not that uncommon.
People are earning money from their blogs and making it their full-time job. Want to know how? Stay tuned for tips to Monetize Blog in 2021.

Work on the Topic You Love the Most

The first thing to do, when you are thinking about monetizing a blog is to choose a subject/topic you want to work on. This topic should preferably be on something you are interested in. this should be on something that you love to talk about, have knowledge on. Your blog should depict your passion for that subject.
If you are confused about choosing the perfect subject for you, here are some ideas that might help you out to decide on topics. These blog niches are very lucrative in 2021 to make money.

1. Cooking Blog:

Yes, You are right. I am talking about cooking. You can make money with a cooking blog and it is still very lucrative in 2021. If you are passionate about cooking and have some unique recipes, you can make money from it.
People are always looking for new recipes on the internet. No one wants to eat the same food every night. So to Monetize Blog In 2021 sharing your recipes can be a great way.
The Internet has this amazing power of sharing, meaning that the food that is your daily staple can be an exquisite dish for a person living a thousand miles away from you. So why wait? Share your traditional expertise with the world; let the world enjoy your dish.

2. Technology Blog:

In 2021, we cannot but stretch the importance of the internet and technology. During this pandemic, we have learned that -the two most valuable lessons of all time: health is our biggest wealth, and with the help of technology, anything can be achieved. Let’s talk about the latter first.
When the nasty pandemic hit the world and everyone went to lockdown, everything turned online. In a situation like this, many people are eager to learn about technology.
Writing a blog or making a website that helps people do that can be a great way to help you financially. As gadgets are updating every day, we are in dire need of more and more technological blogs. So if you are tech-savvy it is your time to shine.

3. Health and Fitness Blog:

Now, let us talk about the first valuable lesson we learned from the covid 19 pandemic. Health is our biggest wealth. Now more than ever, we need to take care of our health. People are seeking ways to stay fit.
That is why your blog about health care will be a great help to these people. Health and fitness blogs require proper knowledge of doing yoga or exercise, you can write about organic food and its merits for our body.
You can choose your expertise and help people by sharing your thoughts. Monetize Blog In 2021 requires passion, if you are passionate about staying healthy; it is high time to take the necessary steps.

4. Parenting Blog:

If you are thinking that how can this niche help us monetize my blog, we are here to answer that. We all know that parenting is not a new thing. This is a very old process. But are you sure it is not challenging in 2021? Don’t you think new parents and parents to teenagers are confused, all the more?
So if you are a parent, you can share your tips and tricks with other parents. New parents are really struggling every day to cope up with the challenges they face, your blog can help them as well as yourself.

What to Do for Monetize Blog In 2021

Now, this is the technical part of this article. What do you really need to do after you have decided your desired topic you want to write about?
The first step can be making a cooking/recipe sharing website. Hold on, do not worry about website making, it is easier than you think. There are many free websites making apps to help you with that. Having a Gmail account is enough. With Google Site, you can make your website for free.
If you are new to this ‘website making’ shindig, Google Site is the best for you. But if you want to upgrade your website making games a little bit more, there are many paid apps as well to help you. You can use, Zoomla, WordPress, etc to build your website.
Turning your blog into a website is the prerequisite of publishing your website for the rest of the world. After you have created a website with all the necessary information and designed it with useful pictures and videos, it is time to publish the website so that people can actually visit the website and use it.
Now that you have created and published a website with all your SEO skills, how do you make money from it?
Sell Books and Merchandise: if your blog is about cooking or parenting, share your thoughts via e-books. You can also earn money by selling merchandise related to your website.
Offer paid Membership or Course: teaching people what you are best at can be very useful in earning money- health and fitness enthusiasts take notes!
Affiliate Marketing: The most common way to Monetize Blog In 2021 is affiliate marketing. You promote other people’s products in your blog and get a commission for every new sale you make.


Now that you know how to Monetize Blog In 2021, all you have to do is chose the topic, niche you love and enjoy most, and start working on it. Follow the steps and suggestions above and you are always welcome to share more ideas on this topic if you have any.
Your creativity has value and maybe you are unaware of it. Try new things and let the world know about your creativity.

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