5 Best WordPress Page Builders to create a website

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Would you like to create a website without any concerns about how to code? You can always employ an experienced developer but it will cost you some money. And it might not be easy to communicate exactly what you want the website to look like anyway. Fortunately, the best WordPress page builders now allow you easily and cheaply construct a professional WordPress website, no coding skills are required.

With so many options available, it might be confusing to try to separate the best of the page builders from the rest. In this post, we will compare the best WordPress page constructors to create a WordPress website. Keep reading to find out what our recommendations for the five best WordPress page builders are!
A good, competent developer isn’t cheap to hire, and finding someone who can fulfill all your needs isn’t a piece of cake either. So we have come up with this guide and it will hopefully help you to limit your possibilities to the top five and make an informed decision based on your budget, your experience, and the type of features you want. We have tried to make the process easier for you.

The first page builder on our list is Elementor. Elementor can be downloaded free of charge as a plugin, but the Pro edition is also available for some payment. The Pro edition begins on one platform at $49 and goes up to $199 for unlimited websites. You can find that this is quite the steal considering the ease of use of Elementor.

The free download of Elementor offers a quick but efficient WordPress page developer, featuring one of the fastest interfaces. From live edits to page loads, everything is instant. The standard features of page constructors include animations, shape divisors, gradients, and headline effects. You can also select from a template library of awesome WordPress templates. Elementor’s free edition is also mobile, with some useful maintenance software, buildings, landing pages, etc.

The Elementor Pro consists of 26 widgets, whether for eCommerce, portfolio work, or a company website, to formulate the ideal pages. The live editor means you don’t have to deal with forms any longer in the backend. Not to mention, you can store your widgets on other websites or pages. This makes Elementor a worthy contender as one of the best WordPress page builders out there.

Divi Builder is an Elegant Themes common premium-page designer. Although it is most frequently used as part of the Divi theme, Divi Builder is also an independent plugin for other subjects. Divi Creator allows you to edit content with both a visual front and a back-end interface, in comparison to the previous two-page constructors, although the front-end interface may be preferred for most users.

You can customize several settings across three separate tabs, including sensitive controls, custom spacing, and loads more. For the main element or before/after the main element, you can also add custom CSS. Also, simple validation and auto complete are included in the CSS editors! And, right from the editor, you can also open a color picker. There are 46 modules or widgets in Divi Builder that you can use to create your designs.

You can also access a huge 316 pre-built templates distributed over 40 different layout packs, as well as the option to save your own designs as templates. Divi 4.0 has also added the full support for the theme with the most recent update, which matches Elementor to Beaver Creator. In other words, Divi now allows you to create your header, footer, templates, etc. Divi Builder is accessible as part of the $89 membership of Elegant Themes.

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme. It can be seen as a simple website designer solution ideal for webmasters, bloggers, and developers who want a quick, fast visual builder. You can also connect the useful premium parts to your GeneratePress interface with the drag-and-drop feature.

The GeneratePress theme, with a great review of the layout of landing pages, blogs, company websites, and sales pages, is simple, lightweight, and free of charge for WordPress. It is hard to find a market where the GeneratePress theme could not be used because it is so ubiquitous and clean.
It is worth to try GeneratePress out if you’re tired of clunky, sluggish themes and you want something fast and efficient. The most critical tasks are carried out by the live editor of WordPress when you work for the free theme, but when you decide to purchase the paid edition of you will have access to all plugins, including the add-ons. With over 14 modules, you can pay around $40 for the premium version of GeneratePress.
SeedProd is a premium WordPress builder drag and drop page landing plugin. When it comes to speed and usability, SeedProd is one of the best WordPress page builders on the market. You can select from more than 100 premade templates or build a personalized layout with its easy-to-use WordPress page developer Drag and Drop and of course, no is coding needed.
It offers all the features, including opt-in forms, social profiles, countdown timers, communication forms, buttons, different blocks of content, and more, that you would expect in a powerful page builder. The best thing is that some of the blocks have pre-made templates so that the design process can be accelerated by adapting favorite block templates using just one click.
Pre-built landing page templates, sales pages, pages, registration pages, webinar pages, upcoming pages, maintaining mode pages, 404 pages, etc. are some of the features available in SeedProd. In comparison to other sluggish and bloated WordPress builders, SeedProd is designed with pace in mind of the website. It makes it easier for your pages to be rated higher in SEO. The pricing for SeedProd starts at just $39.50 for a single-site license, which also makes it cheaper than some of the other paid options on this list.
The most user-friendly building plugin on the market for WordPress is the Beaver Creator. It comes with a true visual editor that helps you to design a page that offers real-time views. Beaver Builder is one of the best plug-ins in the WordPress landing page and you can quickly drag and drop content modules. Many powerful ready-to-use content modules are available. With an easy-to-use toolbar, you can customize each module on the top.
There are over 30 professionally built templates available if you want to begin with a template. You can create a website even faster using a prototype by simply replacing the content of your sample with your own content and images. Beaver Creator is a fully reactive plugin for Gutenberg. This is available as a free plugin as well as premium.
You can install the free edition from WordPress directly for quick landing pages. A free version for BeaverBuilder is available but you can also opt for a paid version to unlock more functions. The pricing for the paid version of BeaverBuilder starts from $99 for unlimited sites.

Final Words

When you look for the best WordPress page builders, you will find all kinds of results. In our opinion Elementor is the best WordPress page builder, whether you are looking for a free option or the best bang for your buck. Divi Builder is also a close second following Elementor. If you prioritize speed over everything else then GeneratePress and SeedProd would be the best option for you. BeaverBuilder is also one of the top choices on the market. We hope you will find our guide helpful when trying to find the best WordPress page builder for you.

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