5 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Small Business in 2021

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Table of Contents

Ecommerce platforms are all the rage these days. Online shopping has become increasingly more popular in the past year and the popularity still seems to be growing. People love being able to shop for all their goods from home and it is a thriving market. You can create your online store on eCommerce sites and make some profit as well. An e-commerce platform helps on-line companies to control their websites, marketing, sales, and operations.
Ecommerce platforms can do this without the need for any coding ability, budget, or web design degree on your part. They come with eCommerce designs and features that make it so simple – and profitable – to set up your company. Platforms such as BigCommerce or WooCommerce provide powerful eCommerce features and combine them with common business tools- allowing companies to centralize and operate their businesses.
Finding the best eCommerce platform for startups is no easy feat. So many eCommerce platforms are available, and choosing one can quickly become very confusing. And every platform claims to be the best! We analyzed the options for you. Look below to find out what the five best ecommerce platform for small business is.
Wix is the best choice overall and that’s why it’s at the top. Wix offers its customers a simple way to develop a website or online shop. Wix hosts online shops and their plans start at $23/month with a yearly subscription is reasonably economical. Its website currently houses more than 500,000 companies around the world. You can pick 500+ mobile-optimized eCommerce topics for free and build your store for global reach in over 90 languages.

You can add unlimited things and accounts from the cheapest package. However, subscription purchases are followed by a higher-level package which starts from $27 a month. If you are looking for the Best Ecommerce platform for small businesses then you might want to keep this in mind.

If you want to know about the payment methods, Wix offers payment methods. The options include more than 40 partners including PayPal, Stripe, and Square. They also have a Wix Payments, an in-house portal, which can be used to accept payments for credit/debit cards and connect with other providers of payment.

You also have a converter that allows you to accept foreign currency and sell your goods worldwide, starting with the unlimited plan. Wix is also equipped with a fairly useful digital sales tax calculator. This functionality, however, has limitations in the transaction count depending on your choice of plan.

WooCommerce is the best among the free options. This makes WooCommerce a distinguished choice among the best Ecommerce platform for startups. WooCommerce is a WordPress based open-source plugin. WooCommerce itself is fully free to start, but you must already have WordPress and hosting on the website.
You can also update your online store with paid extensions, integrations, and themes. WooCommerce, like WordPress, has many free themes to use to build your online shop. Another choice is to buy premium subjects to differentiate your store from free theme customers.
From major credit cards to Stripe, PayPal, etc you can set up different payment options in WooCommerce. There are also no setup fees or monthly charges to sign up with WooCommerce Payment. You will also accept a 2.9% fee for credit or debit cards and 30 regular charges for each U.S. card purchase. For all other non-US cards, an extra 1% charge applies. This makes WooCommerce an excellent choice for the best Ecommerce platform for small businesses.
Shopify is the most popular choice among users. With over one million online shops, 2.1 million active customers, and over $150 Billion worth of sold products on its website, Shopify is well established as an eCommerce platform provider. Their plans begin at $29 per month. They have an internal payment processing platform and major shipping discounts.
There are 73 mobile topics to choose from, from which 9 are free of charge and 64 starts from 140 dollars are charged. The number of products that you can add is not limited. However, you do need an application that can be purchased from the Shopify App Store for the processing of subscription services.
Shopify offers you the option of using its Shopify Payments platform built in-house. Most of the big gates from credit cards to Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. are integrated with it.
BigCommerce is ideally suited to SMBs & MMs who need a lot from their large or complex e-commerce platform. And therefore it’s one of the best eCommerce platforms for startups. BigCommerce has a number of functions and it can expand the platform to third-party applications like other platforms. BigCommerce serves B2C and B2B companies on the same network as well.
BigCommerce’s pricing structure is different from other sites because you can note sales caps for their retail planning levels while the company plans are based on custom volume and GMV. The cheapest payment option for BigCommerce starts from $29.95 per month which is the BigCommerce standard.
You can later upgrade to one of the pricier options if you need to. BigCommerce also offers a number of payment options and the multi-currency features of BigCommerce allow traders to set prices in various currencies, and traders can also settle prices in more than one currency.
Magneto is another free eCommerce site and it’s also open source as a bonus. It’s one of the best open-source platforms and designed for small businesses and developers. It’s an awesome online store builder if you’re looking for a user friendly platform that comes with the most freedom. However, if you don’t have experience with Magento, you need to hire someone who does. Magneto is still a popular option among people looking for the best Ecommerce platform for small businesses.
Magento is dedicatedly mobile friendly, but with the open-source platform, you need to build the store up yourself. This also means that you have a lot of freedom for rich content for products and other features. You can also get additional eCommerce extensions through Magento Marketplace. The platform is integrated with PCI Compliant Payment Solutions. You are responsible for setting up the payment gateways or getting an extension from the marketplace.

Final Words

There is no ideal e-commerce site, but we have selected the best available on the market right now. You need to focus on your needs for the best ecommerce platform see which one is the best for your needs. We suggest any of you be a pioneer – BigCommerce and WooCommerce have by far been the best overall forum for any business model and performs well for SEO. You might want to keep this in mind if you are looking for the best eCommerce platform for small businesses.

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